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Start & End of School Day

Start and End of the School Day…

For the majority of families and children they have only ever known one way of school life of how we come into school and how we finish our day.


We will start to gradually adapt this over the next few weeks and fully by the end of this half term.


Starting from Tuesday 3rd May we will re-introduce the two-way route into and out of School. If you remember to keep to the left on your way up and to the left on your way down we should reduce the volume of people waiting on the school site and down on the path.


We would ask that we are mindful and allow families with double and single buggies to arrive or leave without others pushing by. Waiting for everyone to safely arrive and leave is always the aim.


Staff will monitor the ramp to ensure our children are safe and our families feel secure.


We will still operate the ‘window’ of arrival and departure to ease volume on the playground.


Timings for the start & end of the day:


Gate to school playground opens: 8.45am

Entrance into School: 8.45am – 8.55am

Gate closes: 9.00am


Please check slight changes below

Gate to Playground opens: 2.50pm

Children in Hedgehogs leave: from 2.50pm


Children in Key Stage 2 leave: from 3.00pm

Children in Key Stage 1 leave: from 3.00pm




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