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Week beginning Monday 27 April

After a fantastic themed week to get us back into the swing of home learning, we are back to a little more structure. The timetable below is a guide, following the same structure as before the Easter break. 


Thank you to everyone for supporting each other and enabling us to put all the resources on-line.


Please bear with me, I hope you have access to everything, if you haven't please email me and I can sort it. I have checked all the links, so hopefully it should be okay. I will put each booklet on-line a few days prior to you needing them, so you can print them off to suit.


I shall be adding activities to the google classroom using the class book: the matchbox diaries by Paul Fleischman as a basis for the terms topic learning, so if you could get a copy, that would be helpful. However, I have added a link below for you tube. Someone is reading the book and showing you the pictures, so that is nearly as good as your own copy.


If things are too easy, or difficult, or if you finish them and want more, just email me, between us, I'm sure we shall get most things right.


Many thanks


Mrs Stiles


P.S. where the answers are not attached to the activity, I do have them, and will add them as the week goes on!

Class book: the matchbox diaries by Paul Fleischman

English Art Mastery scheme and guided reading book

Maths Investigation: The mystery of the missing horse

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