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Week beginning Monday 4th May

Dear Families,


As usual here is the weekly timetable for home schooling and the activities to accompany them. 


Please keep e-mailing and posting your work on the google classroom, I love to see and hearing what you have been up to.


Don’t forget that Friday is VE Day so share with me how you are going to celebrate it. We are making flags and getting dressed up in red, white and blue. We are sharing facts about what happened and talking about why it is still important to us 75 years on.


Many thanks


Mrs Stiles

VE Day:

Why is it significant?

What happened on the 8 May 1945? 

What can we learn from it for our lives today? 

How will you celebrate it with your family?

Please share on google classroom anything that you create, or find out, and tell us what you do on Friday. 



VE Day Celebrations


On Friday 8th May we shall be reflecting and celebrating this important day of remembrance.

Here are some useful information resources which you can view to learn more about what the day stands for.

There are activities which accompany the information.

BBC Bitesize daily lessons

R.E and English comprehension focus: Hinduism

P.E. Creative Cricket
Guided Reading: The Matchbox diary

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