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Below is a reminder of the procedure.

All sessions need to be booked in advance (48 hours). Please ensure all sessions are booked however, if you are able to collect your child before the session starts, please call the office (01562 850268) before 2pm so the session can be cancelled and a refund given. If a wraparound session is missed and you do not cancel in advance you will be charged. 

In the event you need to book a session and have missed the deadline, please call Mrs Hackett, and the session will be booked. Please then access Parentpay immediately to make payment.

The purpose of booking sessions on Parentpay is that parents book and pay in advance. This avoids debt being incurred and parents being chased by our Finance Team.

A text reminder will be sent out weekly if there are any unpaid debts on Parentpay.

If you have any queries, questions or problems accessing Parentpay, please do not hesitate to email the school office

Many thanks

Mrs  Hackett


Reminder of how to book sessions:-

Bookings need to be made 48 hours in advance

Access your PP account ;

- click on 'book meals and places'

- under 'make bookings for' click the drop down and click on which wraparound session you require together with the 'week commencing'

- click on 'make or view bookings';

- click on the session you require, it should turn green 

- swipe to the left (if you are using PP on a phone) and the other days of the week will be shown. 

- click on the sessions you require, again they will turn green 

The booking summary will show the sessions booked and payment due

- Confirm your booking by pressing the blue 'confirm booking' button 

- Then proceed to make payment 

Parent Pay your child's meal 

Bookings for school meals, will need to be done on Parentpay. Parents will need to book their child's meal, whether it be a universal free school meal (years Reception, 1 & 2), a free school meal or a paid meal (for pupils in nursery, years 3,4,5 & 6) via their Parentpay account. Parents should follow the instructions on their activation letter with username and password. Once the account has been activated, this will allow parents to pre-book (and pay in advance for nursery and school years 3,4,5 & 6). You can do this in your ParentPay account. 

Please email the school office if you have lost or need your username details to be sent out again or if you have any queries about booking nursery/school meals.


If your child requires a school meal, these must be pre-booked by the Thursday prior to when your child would like their meal. For example, if your child requires a school meal on Monday 6th September, these must be pre-booked (& paid for, for nursery and years 3,4,5 & 6) by midnight on Thursday 2nd September. Please note that bookings/monies will no longer be taken by the school office on the morning of the lunch, they must be done in advance, the Thursday prior. If you forget to book your child's lunch, your child will be without a lunch on that day and parents will be called by the school office with the request that a lunchbox is brought to the school by the parent. 


How to book your child's lunch - 


Once you have activated your child's Parentpay account, click on the Make bookings button to identify which days your child will take a meal. If your child is in years Reception, 1 or 2, simply click on the choices and save, there is no need to pay for your child's lunch as your child is eligible for a universal free school meal.


If your child is eligible for a free school meal (you will have been notified of this) again, please click on the choices and save, there is no need to pay.

If however, your child is in nursery, or years 3,4,5 or 6 and you need to pay £2.40 daily for a school meal, making a payment is straightforward. Simply pre-book your child's meals and go the 'pay by' button. You can pay by bank transfer, by inputting your card details or you can 'set up a parent account' where you can add funds.


Once your booking has been confirmed, payment must be made within 2 hours. Failure to do so will result in unpaid bookings being cancelled. If your payment due is zero, simply confirm bookings and no further action is required. 


ParentPay is a free service for you to use and provides the school with up to date contact details for emergencies and future communications. Even if you do not plan to pay via ParentPay, please activate your account for future use and communications.

Parents wishing to pay by cash in advance of online booking can do so at local convenience stores displaying the PayPoint logo. Please note that PayPoint payments may take up to 36 hours to show in ParentPay. If you need to pay using PayPoint, please contact the school office ( and you will be sent a barcode. When paying by PayPoint, you will still need to log into your ParentPay account to book 's meals, this then informs the school kitchen.

Please visit, and activate your account today.


If you miss the deadline for booking meals, please email or call 01562 829327 as soon as possible. 

Many thanks 

A Hackett 

Office Manager 

Letter from Baxter Kitchens regarding Parentpay and ordering meals

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