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Local Heroes

What makes a hero discussion

*How many heroes can you list?

*What do they have in common?

*List the qualities of a hero (think of it as a recipe - what are the list of ingredients?).


Click on the 'What makes a hero - discussion cards pdf' and see if you agree with the ideas and statements.



Consider a local hero you feel needs to be recognised. Design and make a certificate which celebrates their wonderful heroic achievements!!


Click on 'Local heroes certificate activity for a full overview of the task'.

Click on 'Example certificate of appreciation' to get an idea of what you might produce.



Design your own local superhero! What would their powers be and what would they do in their local community?  


Please use the documents below for full guidance.

Dress up as a hero!! Take inspiration from the document attached then send photos to your teacher of you as a superhero!!

Who are some of our local heroes? Research and present using the document below.

Learn Grow Achieve