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Big Footprints Left By....

Big Footprints made by…Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo, was a Mexican painter. She was known for her surreal and very personal works. She had polio that left her disabled when she was 6 years old.
She studied medicine and was going to become a doctor. She was involved in a severe traffic accident at age 18 which badly injured her. After this accident, Kahlo no longer continued her medical studies but took up painting. She included herself in the pictures and nature. 


Have a go at the actvities below:
1. Can you draw a self portrait of yourself?
2. Can you draw a picture of someone in your family in the same style as Frida?
3. Research her life and write a story/biography about what happened to her. Can you include the good times and the bad...

Foot prints made by……..Inspirational people


There are many people who have helped make this region great and share inspiring stories.


There are a few:
Eva Peron from Argentina,
Fidel Castro from Cuba
Ancient Aztec Mayans 
Brazilian Amazonian tribes
Paulo Coelho author


See what you can research about these icons or other important people from South America. Put together a fact file of what they have achieved and share them with us in school.


Here are some facts to start you off……


1. David Fischman


David Fischman Kalincausky was born in Lima and is a writer, columnist, international speaker and consultant on issues of leadership and personal improvement. He was a founding member of the technological institute Cibertec, and also helped found the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UBC) in 1994.


2. Che Guevara


The man whose face has become a countercultural icon of rebellion, Ernesto “Che” Guevara was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, guerrilla leader, diplomat and military theorist who became a major figure of the Cuban Revolution. Undoubtedly one of the most famous Latin Americans the world over, Che Guevara earned his famous nickname due to his frequent use of the Argentine che, similar to the American ‘bro’ or the Canadian ‘eh’.

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