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Positive behaviour is welcomed and creates the best learning environment inside the classroom and outside the classroom


Our school rules...

  • Good listening
  • Kind words in a calm voice
  • Respect ourselves and each other
  • Kind hands and kind feet


Rewards and Privileges - 

In each classroom we have a Good To Be Green display. Each child has their name on the display and begins each new day with a green card above their name. 

A green card symbolises Good behaviour choices 

An orange card symbolises a Warning following poor behaviour choices

A red card symbolises a Consequence following very poor behaviour choices


A Silver Privilege Card - this is a card awarded to children who go the extra mile with good behavioural choices, for example, showing kindness, care, politeness, working really hard, wonderful manners, being a great buddy .....When your child receives the Silver Privilege Card they are rewarded with being the first out to play, first to lunch, first in every line and they are invited to bring in a 'show and tell' item the next day. This privilege lasts for 24 hours.


Class Stones In The Jar

This reward is for the whole class for excellent whole class behavioural and learning choices - when the jar is full the children are invited to bring in a treat which they may enjoy eating at playtime. Something like a cake, muffin, special biscuit, or a special something that your child really loves, (like fresh mango), but not sweets!








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