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Curriculum Overview

Summer Term Topic:

Our topic for this term is called 'All Aboard!'. The texts we are going to use to support our learning are:

  • Journey by Aaron Becker 
  • Grandpa's Great Escape by David Walliams 

During this topic, we will engage within a cross curricular approach. In History, we will focus on the development of transport throughout history, using timelines and making comparisons between old and new forms of transport. This will include Viking travel, invention of cars, trains and aeroplanes. In Science lessons, we will be becoming ‘Energy Experts’ and finding out all about renewable energy, and how we can ‘Switch Off’ to help the planet. We will be getting creative in DT, by carrying out a project where we will be designing and making our own moving vehicles after reading the book ‘All Kinds of Cars’.  During Music, we will be engaging in the 'I am in the Groove!' topic, which looks at blues music and in Computing, learning how to programme toys. In RE, we will be discussing and questioning 'What makes some places sacred?' and in PSHE, we will be looking at the importance of our school values. 

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