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Curriculum Overview

SPRING TERM TOPIC: Where does our food come from?


Our Spring term has begun with a topic about where our food comes from and farming methods, both past and present. We are inspiring our children to investigate what is healthy and why thinking about what food we eat is important.


During this topic we are reading the guided reading book together. If your child can have their own copy, it would help with their learning, it can be second hand. After we have finished using it, they will come home.


Our book is: CHARLOTTE'S WEB by E.B. WHITE

Our new topic for the term will be the ANCIENT ROMANS.


We will be learning about:

  • Why did they invade Britain?
  • How do we know about what life was like back then (AD43-AD410)?
  • Who was Boudicca?
  • How did Celtic people live their lives?
  • What Roman features still survive today? (Roads, baths.....)


Our guided reading book for this topic will be:

Roman Invasion by Jim Eldridge.... we will learn about Bran who is captured by the Romans.... its very exciting!!


We are going to love transfroming into Romans for the day during our Roman day in school and experinecing traditional Roman food, craft activities and learning Latin!!! 


Lots more information to follow nearer the time.

Our first terms topic will be:


‘Wishing for Wonders’.


We shall be learning about the place where we live: The United Kingdom. Using key open-ended questions we will explore where we have been? What was it like there? What physical features did you see? Focusing on the land and water elements. Then consider the human influences: such as the effects of cities, ports, farming, castles etc.


If you could support your child’s learning by buying the following book:


“Maps of the United Kingdom” by Rachel Dixon,


that would greatly help them, as we shall all be looking at the book together, it can be second hand. I hope that this reference book will be something they can share with you and the family and refer back to during their time in key stage two.

Using various stories and an amazing picture book as stimulus we will be finding out about the United Kingdom. 


I hope that you are all well, and looking forward to a fresh start in school for our new Woodpeckers children. I hope to offer an inspiring, knowledge and skills-based, hands-on curriculum which the children will enjoy and thrive on. I understand that this is a huge time of change, and that routines may be slightly different but I feel it is important to celebrate our children and share amazing times together and learn as we explore.

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