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Positive Behaviour

Our school rules:

  • Good Listening
  • Kind words in a calm voice
  • Respect ourselves and each other
  • Kind hands and kind feet


Class rewards and privileges.

Children who are on Green will be praised and noticed for their good behaviour choices and will enjoy a full playtime.  Children who continue to be green and excel in their good behaviour choices will be rewarded with a Silver Privilege Card - which will give them a place at the front of the class line for play times, lunch and at the end of the day. Whilst on a Privilege Card children are also allowed to bring in one item from home which they are proud of to 'show and tell' the class.

Sometimes children may need a gentle reminder about behaviour choices - to help the children to get back to making good choices we present them with a blue 'Stop and Think' card or an orange 'Warning' card - this is a good visual reminder to help them return to their green card.


We enjoy a Celebration Assembly every Friday where children receive certificates for good learning, achieving and good behaviour choices. 


Learn Grow Achieve