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Week 1: 23rd March - 27th March

Where to find the answers you need for week one:

You will need pages 17-21 (section 8) to mark your reasoning paper.
You will need pages 7-12 (section 1) to mark your reading questions.
The Home Learning pack questions are answered here also - maths and English in the same document. Please note, it does relate to D, E or GD depending on which level(s) you chose to complete.

Lucy modelling the den building activity

How to round numbers:

First step is to identify what you are rounding to, nearest 10, nearest 1000 etc.


Once you know, find which digit that is in the number you are rounding. 


Now look at the digit before this number. If it is 5 or more, round up to the next digit. If it is 4 or less, round down and leave it alone (other than changing to zeroes behind it).


For example. Round 32,547 to the nearest thousand.


The 2 is my thousand digit. The digit behind it is a 5. This means I round up.


My answer would be 33,000.

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