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David Hockney

We can look after ourselves in so many ways. This week is all about celebrating what we can do to stay safe and well and all the people that help us to achieve this.


Keeping busy is important to a healthy mind and if we surround ourselves with bright, cheery images and pictures, that helps to put a smile on anyone's face. 


Follow David Hockney's inspiration by recording the things around you. There is beauty in the natural world and in our homes. 


Carefully choose a place to sit or settle down on a picnic rug and see what you can create. Share your efforts with your family, and post them on the google classroom to share them with your class.

David’s pictures

TASK 1: Look at David Hockney’s style of pop art. Can you create your own images of your house or garden? You can use paints, pens, pencils, or try it as a digital image on your digital devise. You could even try chalk on some patio slabs, as long as your family don't mind!

See our artistic talents celebrated in the gallery.

TASK2: Find out about another famous pop artist and try to recreate their art style. How are their images different to David’s, how are they similar? Make a powerpoint presentation or report to share your findings

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