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Home Learning Weeks 1 & 2


Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine. 


We are all still getting used to Home Learning and what it looks like.  I'm sure it will look different for each family.  Stay calm and ask if there is anything you are unsure about.  You can email me -


Everyone in Swallows has been given a Home Learning folder.  This folder contains work for maths, English - reading, English - writing, English - SPaG and Science.  This is mainly revision and has been covered throughout the year in class. 

I have created a weekly overview so that you know which pages to cover from your Home Learning  pack each week.  I will also post the maths and English answers towards the end of the week. 


I have been and will continue to be on Google classroom everyday, so if you have anything you don't understand this is a great place for your child to ask about it.  Use the 'Stream' tab/section.  There will also be work put into the 'Classwork' section too - but these will also appear in the 'Stream'.

It has been lovely seeing you all chat on Google Classroom too.  It is a great idea to keep in touch with each other.  I will have regular tidy up sessions where I will delete old chats so that they don't build up. 

If you need any help with Google Classroom, there are user guides for both Wonde and Google classroom on the Parental Guidance section of the school website.


I have asked that the children each set up a folder in the shared drive for Swallows.  This can then be used for any photos or work.


There are apps too for:

   Google Classroom

   Google Drive

   Google Docs

   TT Rockstars

which may help you, however they can all be accessed via Wonde too.


Have fun and enjoy learning how to use the new 'technology'. 

I will let you know after Easter what our learning will be and how it will look.  Until then, have a relaxing, restful time and a fantastic Easter break.


Mrs Webber


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