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Spring Term - Charlotte's Web - our class book

Spring Term


Food Farming Transport


Our Spring term will begin with a topic about where our food comes from and farming methods, both past and present. We are inspiring our children to investigate what is healthy and why thinking about what food we eat is important.


We will answer agricultural questions, such as: what problems did farmers face when planting crops before machines were invented? Why was food an important factor in building successful civilisations? And research historical and modern-day farming methods to find out how our food is produced today. The guided reading book: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White will allow for discussion of this topic, along with using newspaper articles, leaflets, magazines and websites to focus our research before writing news stories.


During our independent research we will also identify what nutrition humans need and where this nutrition comes from. We will debate what food we like and what we know we should eat, how we can make sensible food choices to develop mature choices as adults. Obviously, we couldn’t discuss food without tasting some…… so during the term we will learn about some festivals (Pancake day, Valentine’s day, Easter) and try cooking our own food. we can create or adapt a recipe, including some weight/volume measurements.


During this topic we are reading the guided reading book together. If your child can have their own copy, it would help with their learning, it can be second hand. After we have finished using it, they will come home.


Our book is: CHARLOTTE'S WEB by E.B. WHITE




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