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Wolverley Sebright Pupil Parliament

Wolverley Sebright Pupil Parliament


Prime Minister: 


Deputy Prime Minister: 


Chancellors of the Exchequers: 

Louis & George

Education Minister: 

Lucy & Owen

Environmental Minister:

Morgan & Polly

Health Ministers:

Lola Belle & Imogen

Community & Charity Ministers:

Preston & Chelsea

Sports Minister:

Edward & Freddie 

Mental Health & Wellbeing



At Wolverley Sebright we have developed over the last four years an opportunity for pupils across the school to further develop their voice in how their school develops. 


The Wolverley Sebright Pupil Parliament is an elected group of ministers who take a lead on key aspects of the school. 


The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have formed a cabinet which includes Ministers for Environment, Health, Sports and Education. We also have two Chancellors who will keep a watchful eye over effective spending of the Sports and Pupil Premium funding. They will also review Catch up Funding and Recovery Funding allocated to the School. 


Each member of our Parliament will take a lead on policy and practice including the review of the Behaviour, Curriculum and the development of the new Relationships Education Policy. 


Who better to shape our school then pupils who have the views of all pupils? 


Watch this space for updates over this year.


July 2022

  • Elections took place in July to decide the 2022-2023 academic year Pupil Parliament 


  • The first meeting with the Queen took place to assemble to the new cabinet 


September 2022


  • The pupils listed were elected into the Wolverley Sebright Pupil Parliament  with their term of office lasting one school year. 


  • Pupils in Year 3-5 have expressed their preference for the Junior Ministers roles.  


  • The Cabinet is currently devising their manifesto in order to share with all pupils.


October 2022


  • Black History Month workshops - pupil voice 


November 2022


  • Remembrance Assembly 


December 2022


  • Christmas Carol Concert 
  • Christmas Fair 






SAET Student Council


Wolverley Sebright Primary Academy Student  Ambassadors

Ava Hawkins & Rose Bishop 

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