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What you need to know

Parent Morning


We invite the parents to come into school every Thursday morning. We normally start with a bit of choosing time, where you can see you children playing in their school setting. We then get the children on the carpet to look at the calendar for the day, take part in Activate (feel free to join in!!) and then see what they will be learning about that day. The parents also find it a useful time to ask any questions. Feel free to come in any Thursday morning to take part.

Forest School


Forest school will be on Tuesday with Mrs Sparks, Mrs Cadwallader and Mrs Hemming. The children will need to come to school on a Tuesday in forest school clothes. This will include old clothes that they don't mind getting wet/dirty, waterproof coat if rain is forecast, and extra layers if the weather is cold. Can you also please send you child with named wellies, which they will change in to for the afternoon. These can preferably be left in school, but can be brought each week if necessary. 






PE will be on a Friday morning and children will need to bring PE kit (blue t-shirt, blue shorts, pumps). Can you please ensure that all items are named in a named bag? Your child may also need a blue tracksuit if the weather is cooler.



WOW star

We will send home  ‘WOW stars’ every Friday, and ask for them to be sent back to school on a Monday. These will give the children an opportunity to tell the rest of the children in the class what they have done/where they have been over the weekend. The sorts of things that may go on them include; going swimming, visiting a relative, getting a new puppy, going to the carnival etc. To start with it will be necessary for you to write the children's WOW star with a sentence or two about that they got up to, but as they progress through reception the children will be encouraged to write their own WOW starts. It is also nice to send a photo/ leaflet/ programme from where they have been if they have one. 


We will be using the WOW cards in circle time on Monday morning to encourage children to talk about their experience with their peers. We will then draw a picture of our weekend activities, progressing to writing later in the term. When talking to the children the sorts of things we would ask them include the 5 Ws (where, what, who, when, why) so if some of this information could be included on the stars that would be extra helpful. 


Here is an example of the sort of thing they could do:




Year 6 Buddies


All the children in Hedgehogs class have a 'buddy' from Year 6. The buddies come and visit us every week, and also sit with the children in assembly. They enjoy playing together and play time, and it gives the younger children confidence in playing with the older children. Meet the buddies below:



Hedgehog's class rules

Hedgehog's timetable

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