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Curriculum Overview

Welcome to the Summer Term!


Our theme for this half term will be "Under the Sea". In class we will be focusing on texts that follow and link to this theme. We will be carrying out fun filled activities in the classroom linked to our texts over the upcoming weeks. We are also starting an exciting project of planting and growing our own vegetables and seeds in our very own greenhouse, so keep a look out for updates!


Throughout this half term we will be continuing to learn new phonics sounds and alternative sounds. In Maths we will be looking at "20 and beyond", "How many now?", "Manipulate, compose and decompose" and "sharing and grouping". 


During our choosing time in the afternoon we will continue to have rainbow challenges. Our afternoon will start to become slightly more structured and the rainbow challenges will start to get slightly more difficult to begin the transition in to Year 1, Robins. The rainbow challenges provides the children with the opportunity to access different areas of the classroom and continuous provision set up with the opportunity to collect different coloured lollipop sticks across the week. If by the end of the week the children have got all of the lollipop sticks they will be able to have a dip in my special treasure chest for a prize.  


During this term we will be reading lots of books in class linked to our topic. If you have any books at home that link to this topic please let the children bring them in to share with the class.


These are some of the books that we will be reading:


 All afloat on Noah's Boat







Commotion in the Ocean






Somebody Swallowed Stanley






 The Rainbow Fish












Lighthouse Keepers Lunch


Shark in the Park 

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