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Supporting Families

Supporting Families 



Everyone needs help at some time in their lives.

Wolverley Sebright Primary Academy are committed to the well-being of children and their families with the overall aim to bring about the best outcomes for them. We have an open-door policy and will make ourselves available to support or to signpost families to meet their immediate or ongoing needs.




Supporting Families means providing support as soon as a problem emerges, with the aim to stop problems escalating. Support can be offered at any point in a child’s life.

Providing support to our pupils and families at Wolverley Sebright Primary Academy means we are more effective in promoting support as soon as we can.



At Wolverley Sebright, our Safeguarding team and staff meet once a week to discuss any concerns.


This team includes:

Mrs S Reeves-Walters (DSL/SENDCo)

Mrs J Cartwright (Supporting Families Lead) 

Mr. J Price (DDSL/ Behaviour Lead)

Mrs V Harrison (Attendance Lead) 

Mrs K Hemming (Wrap Around DDSL)

Miss D Harrold (Early Years DDSL)

Mrs S Cadwallader (Assistant Pastoral Lead)


Weekly Staff Meetings: All teaching staff


This allows us to identify any pupils and families that would benefit from early help and allows us to help them access the services in the school and beyond the school.


At these meetings we discuss:

How the child presents


Attitudes to learning


Family issues

Additional needs

Any support they receive

Mental Health

Other agencies involved

Level Levels of Support

Listed are the levels of support available to families. Additional support is highlighted. 


1 School based support

No additional support is required. The family needs are met through school, GP, Health Visitor, nursing, housing etc.


2 Early Help (Additional support)

Early Help is about providing the right help at the earliest opportunity to stop problems getting worse or escalating towards a more complex need where statutory intervention would be required. Anyone can provide early help, it is not about passing the issue onto an expert; Early Help is about thinking about what support can best support the family to get themselves back on track.


3 Early Help (Targeted Support)

Based on consent from the family. An allocated support worker designs a support plan that aims to empower the family to help themselves move forward.


4 Children Social Services Support

Specific support and intervention for children in need, children who need protection from harm, children with acute mental health needs or those that have committed an offence.

SEND Information, Advice & Support Service




Links to National and Local advisory services for parents and carers: 

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