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Playing Ocarinas in Assembly

Summer Term


We are all enjoying our superheroes topic and have read some great books.  The children's favourite was Supertato.  They are in the process of writing their own superhero fantasy story and we are really looking forward to reading them on our superhero day on Friday 27th May where we can all wear our jet packs too!!





Sounds have all been sent home for you to do regularly the children.  You can use these to make real and made up words which is what they will be reading on their phonics tests.  Thank you so much for all your help with this, it will help them to be super-readers.

Wash Your Hands!


In Robins we have been writing instructions on how to wash your hands.  We tried really hard not to spread the germs (it was paint!) but it was harder than we thought and showed us how easily germs spread from our coughs and sneezes.

Robins' Canal Walk Trip

A Very Special Visitor (Arthur's sister Amelia)

Spring Term


Morning Routines

The children are becoming very independent and we need to encourage this to make them ready for their progression in year 2.  To help them with this we need to ask that you encourage you child to come into school on their own and manage their own coats/drinks/books etc.  We build in plenty of time for this in the mornings which gives them the opportunity to independently manage themselves.  It takes lots of patience (especially from you as parents), but if we allow them to do this, their independence will flourish.  You may even see an improvement at home!


Since Christmas, in maths, we have been looking at multiplication.  We have introduced the idea of repeated addition (which you will have seen in homework) and counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  It would be really helpful if you could enhance this at home by counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s with your child as well as counting in 1’s beyond 100 and backwards.

How are you finding maths homework?  Would it be useful to have some games to help with the counting instead of sheets?  Let me know.


We are continuing to look at the different ways of spelling the same sound and common exception (tricky) words.  They are using their words in sentences at school now, so discussing what the words mean will support them with this.

Writing Homework

Writing is developing well at school and the homework writing is helping with this, thank you.  To help them progress now, keep them sounding out/breaking down words into sounds to help with spelling and write in sentences as independently as they can (some of them may need help remembering their sentence).  Ask them to check their writing for the correct use of punctuation (capital letters, full stops, question marks etc) and encourage them to add more detail and description.

We are now encouraging the children to use cursive (joined) writing in school.  I know it is a challenge for some of us adults to remember how to form cursive letters, so to help, I will be sending out a letter formation sheet so that you know how to help your child with this.  Our weekly spelling is a good place to have a go! 

This term and beyond…

After we have looked at information texts about transport, we will be moving onto poetry, then Easter.

Next term will be about people that help us and superheroes.  Many of you may have a helping profession.  If you could spare anytime for a quick chat to the class about what you do and how you help that would be fabulous.  Maybe popping in at the start or the end of the school day would fit in with your schedules.

SVR Santa Steam Special

Ralph the Reindeer Christmas 2015

Will Superbear come to stay with you this weekend?


The children are very excited by our new class member and they decided together to call him Superbear.  Every Friday we will find out who's house he will be staying at for the weekend.  There is a book too that the children can use to write about their adventures with Superbear.

He is looking forward to visiting everyone's house and playing with their toys!

Who's house will it be next?



You will have noticed that the children have been bringing home spelling books.  They are really focused on learning our spellings for the week and I'd like to ask for your help in this.  A quick practise each day will really help them to embed the spelling pattern.  There is also one tricky word and a day, month or number.  The children will show their progress on a Monday and this is also when we give out the next spellings.


Now that the term is well underway, there is a clear pattern of when the children's reading books are changed.  The days that we aim to do this are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  It is really important for you to listen to your child every day and engage in book talk.  This needs only 5 minutes each day and really does help your child.  Please can you write in the reading record when you do this as we do monitor them and it helps us know when to change reading books. 


Thanks for all your help.


Mrs Webber

Welcome to Robins – Year 1


It is lovely to welcome everyone back to school and for us to move into Robins together.  Our first week back has been tremendous.  It has been great to see the children come back refreshed and raring to go, and taller too!  They have settled back in to school life brilliantly. 

If you have any questions or queries I am available before and after school most days.

I’m really looking forward to the year ahead, I’m sure it will be amazing!! 



Mrs Webber

Robins Class Teacher

Key Information


Teaching Staff this term

Class Teacher = Mrs Webber (Mr McDonnell will be teaching PE)

TAs = Mrs Reeves (mornings), Miss Harrold (Mon-Thurs afternoons),

Other adults = Mrs Thomas (Wed mornings), Mrs Hunt (Wed & Thurs mornings),

Mrs Mac (Tue & Wed afternoons), Mr Wilkinson (Tues & Fri)



Monday and Wednesdays are our days for PE in the afternoons which will be taught by Mr McDonnell.  Monday is outdoor PE and Wednesday is indoors.  The children will need their PE kit in school including appropriate footwear and warmer clothes for when the weather gets chillier.  Also if your child wears earrings we will need to cover them with tape unless they can remove them by themselves, alternatively they can be left out on these days (which will be required when the children go swimming later in the term).


Forest School

The children will continue to have Forest School on Tuesday afternoons with Mrs Hemming, Mrs Sparks and Miss Harrold.  They will need wellies which should be kept in school if possible and to wear suitable clothing for outdoor activities which can sometimes be messy, so designer or fashion clothes may not be the most appropriate.  They also need to be warm enough for being outside for the whole afternoon (layers is best, as well as a coat).



The children all have a new reading record and a reading book which will be changed regularly.  It is important that the children read at home every day, both to read the words and talk about what is happening in the story (comprehension).  Can you sign the reading record when you do this please.  We will note when we have read with them too.



This term our topic is ‘Rainbows and Raindrops’ where we will be focusing on the weather.


Learning through Play

To make the children’s transition from reception into year 1 (Key Stage 1) a smooth and positive experience we have provided an environment that is similar to their experiences in Hedgehogs.  Their learning will continue to use the environment around them as well as being in focused groups.  This provision will gradually change throughout the year.



We will continue to send the writing homework books home this term on Fridays, where the children can write about something they did at the weekend.  In school we have focused on the use of capital letters, full stops, finger spaces between words and sounding out words to help with spelling.  Try to encourage your child to have a go.  There writing may be phonetic but this is absolutely fine at this stage and they are doing really well to sound out and spell words.


Snack & Drinks

Snacks are provided for the children in Key Stage 1 and are freely available on the snack table.  This is also where we keep the children’s drink containers but there is water provided if they forget to bring one in.


Overview of the Week

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