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Homework provides a valuable opportunity for people at home to be involved in a child's learning. Our homework books are red and will be given out each Thursday with their letters for them to practice sounding and writing at home. 


We kindly ask that all homework be completed in pencil and not colouring pencils or felt tip pens. We have a focus on presentation at Wolverley this year and want the children to take pride in the neatness of their work. This way, the presentation will be consistent and work will be easier to read and assess.


As well as their phonics homework the children will take home 2 tricky words a week that we are learning to read and write. If you could practice these flash cards with the children I would be grateful.


WOW stars are given out on a Friday and we ask that you write details of what the children got up to over the weekend on these and send them back on a Monday. The children will then be given an opportunity to talk to the teachers and their peers about their weekends and also do some drawing and writing related to this. 

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