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The long run-up to SATs

Whilst year 6 is an important year to ensure that each child gets the best possible entry to high school that they can achieve, it is important to remember that there is more to this year than tests – your final year in primary school should be fun too.

Rather than a mad panic in May, we would prefer to calmly begin preparations now. If children or parents want ideas for how to prepare we are happy to help and here are some ideas to begin with.


If you would like to help prepare children with revision for the upcoming SATs, we recommend using our free to use Education City site (which includes short activities and even tests which mark themselves and show children where they go wrong and how to get to the correct answer) or alternatively, the CGP revision materials are very good as long as they are recent editions (testing structure was changed in 2016 making many previous resources out of date).


  • Education City A link to a useful website we use in school - children should all have their own log in details

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