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Re: Courses for Parents & Children Worcestershire 


Our Family Learning courses are due to start in February and it seems such a shame that we still have spaces left for parents to book on. I know there are some parents and carers very much in need, that would benefit from the courses. This is a really hard time for parents to book onto courses during lockdown but are there any vulnerable children in school during lockdown with parents at home that would benefit from booking onto our courses? The Majority of courses are in the evening too so are there any families in need you can book onto the courses? Here is a summary of courses with spaces (below). We can take referrals from school staff or professionals and you are able to book parents onto these courses if they are unable to. You can click onto any course below to book a parent directly onto any course:


Making & Using Story Sacks – Encourage Imagination


Book & Cook – Healthy, affordable cooking


Time for You – Improve Parents Mental Health & Wellbeing


Time for You – Your turn to Learn – Empowering Parents to consider their own future to improve their family outcomes


Nurture Course for Parents/carers of SEND


Magnificent Maths – helping parents with Early Years Maths skills


Alternatively parents can search for the course title to book on at or ring 01905 844322 for support to book onto a course.


All courses are FREE for all parents and carers.


Please come back to me with any questions,


Take care,


Jessica Harris

Family Learning Manager

Adult & Community Education Manager

People Directorate

Phone  number:  01905 844322


Website to book courses:

Facebook: @adultlearningworcestershire

Twitter: @WorcsAdultLearn

Adult Community Learning Team phone number for any enquiries: 01905-728537

List of courses parents can access in 2021


Family Memories COVID-19 Time Capsule Course 

COVID-19 is affecting almost every part of our daily lives, someday though it will all be a memory. We are living through a momentous, historic time but likely won't remember all of it - this course is to capture the moment. Together you will make things to help your family remember the significance of this time that don't cost any money. You will also take the time to make a memory box to store it all in to share with your family in years to come.

Managing Mindfulness for Parents and Carers of those with SEND 

This course is for adults, parents or carers who are supporting and caring for children, young people or adults with special needs and disabilities. The course will take you through mindfulness for anxiety management, the 5 steps to wellbeing and how to manage "coke bottle affects" or meltdowns. It will teach you positive risk taking, relaxation and calming techniques and give you knowledge of understanding behaviour and support you with prevention, de-escalation techniques and strategies. 

Family Crafts ESOL

A Family crafting session for parents and carers who have English as a second or other language. This course will support parents and carers learning the English Language and will support them with their child in the school environment and at home. 

Magnificent Maths Course for Parents Online

A course for parents of Pre-school children and Reception Children to teach parents about the maths they will be taught and to show them how to make maths resources to use at home to support their young child with maths. These crafty maths resources will be made in each session. Skills taught to parents include: recognising numbers, matching numbers, more/less vocab, add and subtraction, number and shapes, doubles, halves, sharing and outdoor maths.

Zog's Fire Breathing Adventures 

Join Zog with your pre-school child on his fire breathing adventures as a student in dragon school. This fun short course will have you roaring with laughter as you make some wonderful creative pieces with your fun Family Learning tutor online in the comfort of your own home. Each session a story will be read and you will be given ideas to make easy, yet wonderful, arty activities for your child.

Nurture Course for parents of children with SEND 

This course is for all parents and carers of children with special needs and disabilities to give them time for themselves to nurture their own health and wellbeing. This course will be led by our friendly Family Learning Tutor who will give you time to explore some new arty ideas and create some new crafting activities whilst offloading with other parents and carers in similar family situations. This course will give you 'time for you' to enjoy some new activities.

Time For You - Your turn to Learn 

This is a progression course from 'Your Turn to Learn' course. Learners on this course will progress from having time for them in a group with a tutor to start thinking about what their learning journey might look like and what they would like to learn next. We will aim to empower learners to take a step in their future and consider that it is their turn to learn and want to seek the next step. 

Art in your Heart - Online course for Parents 

This short course is an online course for parents and carers to explore different art in the comfort of your own home online with other parents. Using art can help you work through stresses you might be facing and empower you to feel positive mental wellbeing. This course really focusses on using art in different form to support you to feel happier and encourage your self-awareness. 

Time for You - Parents Online Course

 This course is for all parents and carers that are interested in having some time for them following the lock-down and isolation period this year. This course will be delivered by our friendly Family Learning Tutor and will give you time to do some mindfulness activities, take your mind off any issues you may face, use it as a time to offload and talk about what we have been through with Covid-19 and empower you to find a positive mental wellbeing. 

Thinking about Employment for Parents ONLINE

 Have you thought about returning to work having been a parent at home? Not sure where to start or how to feel ready for this big step of change? This course is for any parent who might be thinking about maybe starting to find employment having been a parent staying at home. This course will empower you to start to feel ready to consider your own future now that your children are at school. On this course you will learn about our Adult Learning Team and the courses you might want to attend next. 

Marvellous Me - After Lock down (Online) 

 This course is for parents and carers that would like some support and 'time for me' after "lock down". This is a course usually delivered in schools for parents but will be online. Returning to the "norm" after lock down may feel different for some. This course will offer mindfulness & positive well-being activities to nurture yourself with other parents. Each session (led by our friendly tutor) will give you time to offload, make friends, try activities, do art and colour therapy. 

Fun Phonics'

Fun Phonics' course to introduce parents/carers to phonics in the Early Years (nursery, pre-school, reception, key stage 1)  This course will focus on a different phonics aspect each week and every session parents will come away with homemade phonics resources to help their child. This course is to explain what phonics means, what the jargon means that they will hear at school and help them understand current school teaching methods to help their child at home. 

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