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We can look after ourselves and the world in so many different ways. This week is all about celebrating what we can do to stay safe and well and all the people that help us to achieve this.


Keeping busy is important to a healthy mind and if we surround ourselves with beautiful things it can put a smile on many faces.


Our world is beautiful and very diverse, even though at the moment it may not seem quite as good as normal. But the sun will shine again and we will all meet up again too. It is important to remember and reflect on our diverse world and appreciate the beauty of our Mother Earth.


Carefully choose a place to sit or settle down and reflect on our diverse and beautiful world. Below is a variety of recent First News articles for you to look at which show our diverse world we live in. Choose any of the tasks below to complete and share your efforts with your family, and post them on the google classroom to share them with your class.  


Task One - Read the article independently (or with a member of your family) and draw  or recreate the image in your own preferred style. Create a new article title for your picture.


Task Two - Read the article independently (or with a family member) and re-create a similar story with a your own animal choice. Add your drawings and news article title to your newspaper report.


Task Three - Read the article independently (or with a family member). Respond to the article as a newspaper critique, giving your opinion and thoughts on the information from the article. Remember to add a title to your response and add your name too.


Brilliant Butterflies Bounce Back

Unicorn Pup

Rare Blond Badger

Early Risers and Plastic Smells Tasty

It's A Girl!

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