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5 Exercises a Day

Complete 5 exercises a day, these could just be 2 minute exercises - star jumps, jumping, skipping, scissor jumps, obstacle course, sprint up and down the stairs, anything of your choice.


 1. Keep a record of what you have done.

 2. Check your pulse rate before and after your exercises, ask someone to help you if


 3. How has your heart rate changed?

 4. Rate your chosen exercises in order of preference, explain your order of preference.

 5. How do you feel after your exercise?

 6. Can you show your data in chart or graph form so others can compare your heart rate

     after each exercise. This could just be a bar chart with type of exercise on one axis (as

     long as you spent the same amount of time completing each one) and heart rate on

     the other axis.

 7. Can you extend the time you spend on each exercise the next time you try?

 8. Save some photos of your 'exercise time'.

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