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World Book Day 2013

Children dressed up as a variety of book characters with fantasic costumes and make up! Miss Bell led assembly reading one of her favourite books 'Funnybones' and during the morning Woodpeckers completed a 25min readathon where all children and adults enjoyed reading their books.

Lovely school photo
Lovely class photo
Who is Who???????
Kids are taking wizard lessions!!!
Be good Harry Potters
Harry Potter Mahem!
Lets go old school!!!!!!
See me Rebecca in the pretty dress
Fairytales go to school!!!
2 Little Red Riding Hoods??
The psy club
Best frend next to me!!!!!!!!!!!
The strange club
The stink is with you
Its the miserable Turtle Team
Dan the trooper!!!!!!!!!!
The wizard day Harry Potter!
Wizard Kids !!!!!
Quite time
Mrs Trickett Reading Us A Story Love Her
The little miss red riding hood concentrating!
Readathon challenge!!!
I Love Reading
So Exhausting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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