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Curriculum Overview

Welcome to the Summer Term!


Calling all Ocean Explorers!


Our theme for this half term will be "Under the Sea". In our nursery class we will be focusing on texts that follow and link to this theme. All of our learning opportunities will be engaging and full of fun. We will link these closely to our ‘book for a hook’ texts.


These are some of the books that we will be reading:


The Rainbow Fish

Sharing a Shell

All Afloat on Noah’s boat

The Snail and the Whale

The Big Book of Blue

Bright Stanley



During this term, Mrs.Cartwright is joining us and is all ready to get our pre schoolers ready and prepared for their next steps into education. Assessments are already underway and we have lots of fun activities planned to support the children as they grow and develop.


As always, we continue to learn through play and our nursery environment is set up to provide appropriate support and challenge to meet the needs of all our children.


Throughout this term we will be reading lots of books in class linked to our topic. In addition to the ones above, if you have any books at home that link to this topic please let the children bring them in to share with us.



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