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Week 4: 27th April - 4th May

Video Call Announcement

Hello year 6, I'm going to do some training this week for using video meetings with a program called Google Meet. There will be a new box on your Wonde page called 'Meet' (being added Wednesday morning). We will be able to use this to video call. 

I thought we could try out a video meeting as a class on Friday (at 10:30am), using Google Meet, to see if we can get it working for our class. 


Please don't worry if you can't get the video call to work or would prefer not to take part, it is only for those who want to participate.

I can't promise it will work brilliantly as it depends on our internet connections, but thought it was worth a go if it gives us an opportunity to chat as a class. It could be a really useful way to communicate in the future if we can get our heads around it.


Thank you,

Mr Price

Extension learning for week 4 (only to be undertaken if/when the original overview has been fully completed)

Pairs of Values

Help for one of the maths tasks

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