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Summer Term


Welcome back!


What a busy term we have ahead of us.

Our new topic is called 'The Giant Paella' and the children will be busy helping Pablo  travel round Spain looking for some special ingredients to make this wonderful feast.



What a fantastic day we had at the Royal Palace, Valencia.

Take a look at our fabulous photos.

The feast at the Palace

What a great day fishing!



Monday, homework is due in. Please support your children to ensure that their homework is completed to their best standard for each Monday. Encourage your child to add a good and interesting range of adjectives, adverbs, connecting words and a rich variety of punctuation.  Remember presentation is important AND don't let your child rush their homework late on a Sunday evening!


Thursday is timetables day. Your child is tested each Thursday on his / her timestables and will progress on to the next ones when we feel they are confident and ready to move on.

Every now and then we will re visit some that they have already learned.


What an action packed day we had at The Hive in Worcester where we visited the largest collection of children's  book in the UK. Watch this space for some photos....

The library books

Your children enjoyed looking for books to bring home to share with you.  These books must be returned to any Worcestershire library within three weeks form the borrowing date. Now your child is a member they may borrow up to 12 books at a time.


And ... I'm sure your children would love you to take them back to The Hive one day.

Junk Models

Your child has written to you!  Hopefully they have remembered to tell you that the junk needs to be in school by Monday 12th October in a named back.

Thank you.

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