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Welcome to Owls 

Save the date - Year 6 Leavers celebration

Dear parents,

Thank you for your support, understanding and commitment to your child's learning and our school, particularly during these difficult times. I hope that everyone has felt supported and children are making use of the resources and strategies put in place for them. I am taken aback at the positivity and amazing levels of communication they (and yourselves) have shown and by all of the amazing photos and work which has been sent to me.


Google Classroom

Before school was closed for lockdown, we spent several lessons getting children to grips with Google Classroom and I can see that almost all children have been able to access this platform across year 6. As a result, I will continue to monitor the weekly classes and use the forum to offer feedback and foster communication across the class.


If you require any further support with Google Classroom, I have created guides on the school website under 'Remote Learning' and 'Information for Parents', but due to being a Google product, there are many 'how-to' guides on the internet, also.


I will continue to mirror all resources on the school website in 'Owls' class page under 'Remote Learning'.


Will the children need new learning packs after Easter?

No, not unless they are unable to access online resources and learning (in which case, I will create a physical pack for those parents and organise a safe and practical way for it to reach you).


I will upload all materials/links and year 6 will continue to receive weekly overviews which allow them to choose when they complete the given activities.


One new resource I will be encouraging is the BBC Bitesize daily learning sessions (mostly in place of the physical packs) for parts of the weekly overview. If children struggle to access this, please contact me and an alternative pack will be arranged.


Because every family is settling in to their own routines, I am trying to offer a flexible approach to learning with the weekly overviews.


My expectation is that all areas of the overview should be attempted and support materials will accompany (e.g. video explanations, website links or pre-made examples) to help children achieve and understand the tasks.


If you need to contact me, please do not hesitate to get in touch. My email is


Thank you for your continued support.


Mr Price



Our Summer term topic is the Ancient Maya!!


Our learning will focus on the Ancient Mayan Civilization and will cover the Rainforest, Maya writing and glyphs, food and drink, the Maya number system and many other interesting aspects of life for this mysterious historical period.


Our Class Text

Our shared class text for this term is Holes by Louis Sachar. As we are currently learning remotely, I have made the text available to the class via pdf, but children may prefer to have physical copies for themselves. 

Class text: Holes pdf

Key Information



P.E. sessions take place on Wednesday afternoons and will be led by Mr McDonnell. Can we remind all children that they need to have full and correct kit in school for these sessions as the weather often forces us to change our plans.


Maths and English homework will be issued on Thursdays. This will leave Friday for children to check any problems or difficulties in school before handing homework in the following Monday. If children are really struggling or there are exceptional circumstances, please write a note in the children’s books so that we can help them to complete their studies or offer an extension.

Alongside the regular maths and English homework, children will frequently be issued topic-based projects to complete (on average once every half term). These projects are always shared on the class page on the school’s website and normally include an optional extra activity for those seeking additional challenge.


Daily 5 in Owls

Please encourage your child to spend time each day (5 minutes on each) on:

  • spellings - The children may need support with learning the meanings as well as how to spell them
  • TT Rockstars times tables - to build up speed and fluency
  • reading - completing their reading record (We also expect children to read and discuss their books with an adult weekly).



Frank Chapman arrangements

Class Photographs

C.S. Clifford, author visit!!!

Counter Balances in Gymnastics

December's Victorian themed Forest School Session

Wolverley Secondary School visit for Spanish and History

E-safety talk with PC Kate

Drama work - Street Child 'No rent, no room!'

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