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Online homework

Homework in Woodpeckers will be set via Education City. The procedure for accessing this remains unchanged: all you need is your child's ' Wonde' password and an Internet enabled device. There is a copy of the Wonde password in your child's reading record book if you need it. Click on the link below, and follow the instructions to log into Wonde. You will then be able to access your child's Google Classroom as well as the 'My City' homework that has been set for them on Education City by their teacher.

Homework will be set in Maths and English and will be set at the start of the week to be completed by the Tuesday. Mrs Stiles will check on Education City that the homework has been completed and children will be rewarded for completing it.


Reading is THE most important thing you can do with your child at home. The expectation is that your child will read at home every night. Please ensure that you record in the reading record book when your child has read at home.


Children will read first thing every morning, they will have the opportunity to buddy read aloud as well as silently reading and reading to an adult. We will record this in their reading record. 


You can also write a message to us this way, if you prefer, as a way of communicating with us.


We have a sharing library in the classroom allowing free readers to change their book as and when they need to. Any children on the reading scheme will have their books changed as often as they need, to ensure they progress through the stages as their development allows. 


Reading is all about the practice, practice, practice, we value your support in helping us develop confident, capable readers.

TT Rockstars

Every child will have a login to TT Rockstars, using their wonde logins and emoji passwords. This really helps with their confidence and speed with their times table knowledge. Any practice that they can do at home will help greatly with their speed recall of their times table facts.


Every child will be assessed and given weekly spellings to suit their ability. 


We test them every Monday, and they will share their scores with you. Please practice these as often as you can at home to help them learning these. You can use the practice book, or any other format to suit your child's needs.


We support their learning of these by daily practicing them during our handwriting time and writing them during the start of our English lesson. We discuss the spelling patterns and identify what the words mean.


Again it’s all about the practice, practice, practice, so the more times they see, hear and write them the more confident they become at spelling them.

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