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At Wolverley Sebright Primary Academy we believe that Science should stimulate our natural curiosity in finding out why things happen in the way they do. We teach methods of enquiry and investigation to stimulate creative thought. National Science.

To become a great scientist we need:


                         Confidence                             Hard Work                        Questionning 


             Reflective                                        Perseverance              Analytical



                                  Independence                             Enquiring nature


Characteristics of a successful scientist

Curriculum Statement for Science


Our curriculum statement outlines our intent for the subject, our implementation of the subject and the desired impact our curriculum will have on the leadership and teaching of the subject and on our pupils and their learning. 

Science Curriculum Statement

Progression and Skills


We want to inspire children to be confident and clear communicators, to research from others and experience first-hand, when exploring the unknown. We follow a clear pathway of progression of skills and knowledge as children advance through the primary curriculum ensuring that everyone experiences high quality learning as a basis to thrive.



The progression grid outlines the specific knowledge and skills which pupils are expected to learn in each phase, over a two year cycle, along with the specific vocabulary which supports this understanding. Unit content is taken from the Science National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage skills progression for Science. Each area of science is carefully chosen to complement the thematic topic covered in each class, therefore children have greater opportunities for cross-curricular linking and independent investigation.


Investigations are key to developing independence. We are fortunate to have many experience teachers who feel confident sourcing their own investigations to compliment the learning, however as head of Science I am always available to discuss and guide colleagues as needed regarding types and frequency of investigations.


All classes use the website 'Explorify' to develop key scientific skills of inference and deduction and interpreting the information given.

Every unit begins with a knowledge organiser introducing the key vocabulary and concepts to be covered.

Every term a famous scientist or inventor, linked to the topic, is also covered.

Every class is assessed using the Headstart termly progress assessments. Teachers are guided by what the children already know, so building on and extending this, rather than repeating existing knowledge. They are ranked and given a scaled score for their knowledge and understanding so progress can be clearly mapped.

Science Knowledge, Skills and Vocabulary Progression Grid

Progress Milestones in Science

Progress Milestones

Milestone 1 relates to Yr1/2

Milestone 2 relates to Yr3/4

Milestone 3 relates to Yr5/6

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