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PE and Sport

Year 6 Tag Rugby Tournament Wednesday 26th April 2023

Kidderminster Tennis Club Open Day 2023

KS2 Cross Country Event 4th November 2022

Yr5 Volleyball Festival 19th October 2022

Yr4 Tag Rugby Festival 14th October 2022

KS1 Multiskills Festival 7th October 2022

Commonwealth Games Day 8th July 2022 Yr 5

Bellboating Regatta 11th July Yr 5

Yr 5/6 Rounder Festival 1st July Wolverley Secondary School

Yr 2 Striking & Feilding Festival 1st July 2022

Yr 3/4 & Yr 5/6 Primary Tennis Skills Festival 10th June 2022

Yr 3/4 Tri Golf Festival 27th May 2022

KS1 Cricket Festival 13th May 2022

KS2 Athletics Event 6th May 2022

Year 5 Rowing Festival 29th April 2022

Yr 6 Tag Rugby Event 6th April 2022

Yr 5 & Yr 6 Bellboating Event Tuesday 22nd March 2022

KS2 Indoor Athletics Event 15th March 2022

Yr 5 & 6 After School Football Club Spring Term

Key stage 2 girls football event / 9th March 2022

PE and Sport


At Wolverley Sebright, we know that PE and Sport is an integral part of our school curriculum. Physical Education and the promotion of Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in physically- demanding activities and helps all our pupils to become confident in a way which supports their fitness and health. 


We provide outstanding Physical Education through high quality teaching and an exceptional curriculum. Our pupils are encouraged to achieve their personal best at all times and are challenged to succeed and excel in Physical Education and school sport. 


All our pupils take part in at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity through PE lessons, lunchtimes and extra-curricular activities.


We also believe that our pupils should have the opportunity to attend and compete in festival or competition to learn new skills and gain experience. Our pupils also compete in the inter- house competitions to build and develop our Sports Values which include: determination, fairness, honesty, team work and respect. 


Each week, Sport Stars of the Week are celebrated during our whole school celebration assembly (currently virtual). Pupils are selected from Early Years, KS1 and KS2, highlighting aspects of their learning related to the Sports Values. Well done to everyone selected to receive a certificate.




Arlo Determination/Teamwork

Joshua Teamwork

Caleb Teamwork

Henry Respect/Honesty


Bea Teamwork/Leadership

Ed Respect/Honesty


Lilana Determination

Ralphie Determination

Poppy Determination

Zach Determination

Lily Determination


Lucy Self-belief/Passion




George Respect/Teamwork

Logan Respect



Polly Determination/Passion

Dylan Respect/Teamwork


Mara Following instructions



Jonathan Self-belief

Honey Self-belief




Kelsey Passion/Respect





Owen Teamwork

Rose Self-belief

Tiana Self-belief/Determination



Lilah Trying really hard in Nursery Yoga

Eva Following instructions

Sky Self-belief






Adelise Teamwork/Determination

Oscar Determination/Passion



Charlie Being fantastic

Owen Being fantastic






Emilia Respect & Teamwork


Pixie Honesty & Self-belief

Oliver C Teamwork


Owls Amazing dance lesson & performance of African dance




Isabelle Perseverance & Respect

Eleanor Perseverance





Amelia Teamwork in creating a fitness challenge

Yr4 Tag Rugby team Amazing demonstration of skills & all the sport values








Ivy Perseverance

Alex Self-belief

Poppy Great teamwork in dance

Stanley Flexible gym movements

George All 6 sports values


Max All 6 sports values

Lillie Teamwork

Lexi Teamwork


11.11 22Arthur 

Amelia S & Amelia P Creative movement in dance

Leah Self-belief


Ava Excellent defending skills

All of our Yr5/6 Cross Country Runners






Sports Values

Sports Ministers


As a member of our school Parliament, Freddie and Ed  (yr6) are our elected Sports Ministers for the current year. They will attend discussions, advise, help make decisions, oversee, and lead aspects of our PE and sport. They will also ensure that pupil voice is a high priority in our school.

Both Freddie and Ed have received training, through our School Sports Partnership (SSP) to lead our School Sport Organising Crew.

School Sport Organising Crew


What is a SSOC?

A School Sport Organising Crew is a group of young people who join together to organise, co-ordinate and promote the School Games, school sport and physical activity.



What does the SSOC do?

• Listen to what other young people want to do.
• Organise and plan different types of events that will appeal to
different young people.
• Promote events, competitions and school sports clubs.
• Encourage other young people to take part in school sport.
• Co-ordinate the running of school sports clubs and
• Identify volunteers to support the events.
• Promote the success of your events and school sport.



What skills and qualities do the SSOC need?

• Good communication skills (speaking and listening)
• Well organised
• Punctual
• Enthusiastic
• Confident
• Motivated
• Good as part of a team



Please view our PE Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Enrichment - Strengthening the school's offer


At Wolverley we give all of our pupils the opportunity to participate in and enjoy physical activity and competitive sport.


Extra-curricular activities taking place in the Autumn Term

KS2 Running Club

Yr5/6 Football 

Yr3/4 Football


Bell boating

After introducing bell-boating into our KS2 curriculum we will again this year continue with this activity led by 2 members of staff who have been trained by A Train, a former Olympic athlete. Previously, we have entered teams into the local Stourport Regatta and celebrated winning the event in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Post-Covid the ragatta was held again in July 2022 and Wolverley's year 5 teams were on form again finishing 1st and 3rd.


Bike ability and Open Trail

This year, October 2022 Yr4,5 and 6 will be taking part in Bike ability training

The charity Open Trail is also providing Learn to Ride sessions, in school time, to those who are yet unable to ride a bike. They are also offering free bike servicing to any pupils, parents or staff who would like to bring their bike into school on Learn to Ride day.


Harriers Football Club

Harriers will be in school during November and December to deliver Health kick sessions to yr5 pupils and Fun sessions to a range of year groups.

They are also providing a girls football lunchtime club once a week for the half term.


Harriers Sessions Autumn 2022


Year 5 Health kick & Lunchtime Girls Football


1st November

8th November

15th November

22nd November

29th November

6th December


FUN sessions


2/11   Yr1 Robins

9/11 Yr2 Squirrels

16/11 Yr3 Woodpeckers

23/11 Yr4 Kingfishers

30/11 Yr6 Owls

7/12 Yr5 Swallows





Sports Events Calendar 2022-2023

School Games

In July 2022 we achieved the School Games Gold award!


School Games mark is a government led awards scheme which rewards schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into their community.


Schools are able to assess themselves across bronze, silver and gold levels as part of their application to achieve the awards.

PE Overview for 2021/2022



The requirements to be achieved by the end of KS2 are as follows:


Swims competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres


Uses a range of strokes effectively


Performs safe self-rescue in different water-based situations





Lunchtime break is a very active time for a lot of pupils. During this time KS2 have the opportunity to participate in football training/matches. This is coached by staff but pupils are encouraged to take on a leadership role by supporting staff and in so doing develop their own coaching skills.

Harriers Sessions 2021


Year 5 Health kick


2nd November

9th November

16th November

23rd November

30th November

7th December


FUN sessions


1/11   Yr3 Woodpeckers

8/11 Yr4 Kingfishers

15/11 Yr6 Owls

22/11 Hedgehogs

29/11 Yr1 Robins

6/12 Yr2 Squirrels



Autumn Term 2021




5th November        



KS2 Cross Country    



War Memorial Park Stourport


26th November         



BocciaKS2Stourport High School LQ Arena


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