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Class rewards and privileges.

Children who have been especially good, for example  showing fantastic behaviour, effort or for their learning achievements will earn privilege cards. If you are one of our ‘Privilege Card’ holders, you will be able to exchange the card for an agreed reward such as a treat or having special jobs to do in the classroom the following week. These will include things like; ‘Line Leader’ and ‘Classroom Monitor’. You might also earn some minutes for the class...


Earning minutes for golden time

The class can earn minutes as a communal reward, which they all contribute towards. Any of the teaching staff may reward the class with minutes or they can be earned with privilege cards by individuals.


Another way to earn minutes is by making use of of the class nominations. Every day children will nominate peers who they feel are supporting others and write a short reason why. At the end of the week, Mr Price will read out the nominations and select a winner for each day. These winners may 'cash in' their win for minutes towards the class total or for special jobs in the classroom.


Golden time will be spent by the class after you have all voted to decide how to spend the minutes earned.

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