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Mother Earth

Mother Earth Day is an annual international day to celebrate our amazing Earth, and share the message of the importance of reducing climate change and protecting our Earth from human destruction. As part of our Wonder Days theme week, I have planned a range of activities, with videos, photos and PowerPoints to help give you ideas.


I would LOVE to see pictures of you having a go at the activities, and copies of you finished work. You can either email work/photos to me ( or send it to me via DM on my Instagram page (mrs_harrison_wspa). I will then share your photos to my Instagram page so everyone can see what you have need up to.  I started the Instagram page especially for school closures, so it is a private account and can only be accessed by people I know who have requested to follow me, so anything added will be private. If you don’t want me to add your photos to my page please let me know, and I will obviously respect your privacy. If you haven’t yet requested to follow me then please do so, and you can keep up to date with what everyone has been up to.


This is an overview of all the activities you will find on this page in one document. You can download it to your phone, tablet or computer if you find it an easier way to access the information.

Mother Earth Day poster 

I thought this would be a nice way to launch the theme week and you could maybe display them in your windows for people to see when they go on their daily walks to raise awareness of Earth Day.

Save Earth Poster tutorial


Climate Change PowerPoint/Information Booklet

Climate change is such a big issue at the moment, and everyone needs to do their bit to try and combat climate change and make our Earth healthier for everyone. Have a look at the links/PowerPoints and have a go at creating your own PowerPoint or information sheet/booklet all about climate change.


Climate change video

Don't get climate change? Watch an animation explaining the phenomenon as a 12-year-old would

Write or perform a song or poem about climate change

There are loads of songs and poems about climate change and Earth Day on the internet, I’ve put just a few on this page. You can either have a go at writing your own poem, or make a video of yourself performing one of the poems or songs written by someone else. Remember to send me your work!!


An Earth Day song about how to take care of the Earth!

Going Green Song

'World In Danger' - song

8 year-old's stunning self-written climate change warning song

Nature Photography

Now is a great time to really appreciate the beauty of the world around us! I have seen some amazing photos that people have taken on the Wolverley FB page as well as Kidderminster Matters from daily walks and even in their gardens. Have a go at taking some pictures of the beauty of nature around us, and share your best ones with me!

How to Take Fun Photos in Nature

To help you get your best shots while you're out exploring nature, we've asked Nat Geo Young Explorer and wildlife photographer Gabby Salazar to share a few ideas.

Take Amazing Animal Pictures! 📸 | Photography Tutorial for Kids

Wildlife photography tutorial bought to you by Sharp Shots Photo Club, in this video we give you tips and tricks to take amazing photography of animals and wildlife.

Seed harvest and plant

So, the idea here is any seeds that you find when eating fruit, save them and plant them in some compost to ‘see what happens’. This could be orange/apple/melon/pepper seeds or any seeds you find. This is a great activity as it teaches children about the ‘Life Cycle of a plant’ as well as growing your own food to live sustainably. I have used toilet/kitchen roll tubes before to plant the seeds in as they can then be planted straight into the soil (still in the tube) rather than trying to transplant the delicate seedling into the ground!

Toilet Paper Tube Seedling Pots

Local Area Litter Pick and Recycled art

My final activity is a litter pick. Your local area is so beautiful, lets keep it that way! If you go out for your ‘daily exercise’ walk with your family, then why not take a glove and a bin bag with you and see how much rubbish you can collect on the way. Let’s keep our local area beautiful!

You could even make an arty collage/picture with the litter you have collected (or from your recycling at home).

REMEMBER – social distancing rules is you are leaving home!

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