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Welcome to Kingfishers

In kingfishers we believe that if something's worth doing, its worth doing well. We always try our best so that together we can achieve.


We are really lucky to have Mrs Hemming and Mrs Valentine with us enabling small focused work and support. I, Mrs Stiles, will be around on the playground in the mornings and at 3pm, please come and speak to me and ask about any queries you may have.




Talk time. We take it in turns to share a talk time each Friday. The children prepare a talk which they present to us and show pictures and memorabilia. We love hearing about each other's special occasions or experiences.

Clarinet music lessons. We are privileged to have the opportunity to experience playing the clarinet, we loved it and are looking forward to continuing with this.

China past and present

Our new topic is “No place like home!” focusing on our local area. On Fridays we will be using our new class laptops to research, visit particular areas of interest, and collect data about what makes where we live special and unique. This will tie in with writing traditional tales about historical characters and settings that we have researched. We will also create a local map and information leaflet.

Our class reading book is ‘The Carpet People’ by Terry Pratchett which reflects the local influence of Kidderminster’s carpet links. I am hoping that we will also spend time looking at the canal and other areas that interest the children.

Our ever popular Talk Time continues on Friday afternoons along with Newsround. It is wonderful to have so many children wanting to share their experiences with us.

If you are unsure of homework, P.E. and spelling time tables please see the parents overview page here.

Useful websites

Cursive Handwriting: How to Write the Alphabet

Cursive handwriting is commonly taught in schools across the world. It can be difficult to master but this video shows how each letter is formed. When using cursive handwriting, each letter starts with a 'lead in' and ends with a 'flick' or lead out.

Science experience at Wolverley Secondary School

We had an amazing morning working with a group from Uganda, learning about their way of life and music and dance skills. We are very thankful to them for all that they shared with us.

Pearl of Africa music, dance and craft activities

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