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Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom?

Google classroom is a free web service to help facilitate communication between students and teachers. It offers the use of Google's different programs such as Docs (equivalent to Word), Slides (same as Powerpoint) and Sheets (Excel) to allow paperless communication between student and teacher.


How is it being to be used?

Because the children have been shown how to use the web service, we will use it to share the week's tasks (also available to see on the class page) and for children to communicate with their peers and teachers. 


At it's most basic, children can simply use Classroom as a forum to discuss learning with their teacher and peers. Beyond this, they can also share work which can then be marked and feedback provided. 


I will upload the tasks for children to complete for each week and can provide support if/when needed.


Where are the overviews and assignments?

Each section in Google Classroom is called a class. I will create a new 'class' for each week of remote learning, which is where you will find overviews and work to be completed or uploaded. Children will need to click on the class in order to join.


When children first enter a class, they will be taken to the stream tab - this is the forum area meant for general commenting.


At the top of the page are tab options for 'Stream' and 'Classwork'. If children click on 'classwork' they will be taken to any documents, assignments or information I have uploaded. Simply click the document you wish to view.


*All overviews are also available on the remote learning section of the class page.


How do children share their work in a Class?

Go to the Classwork tab and click on the assignment you wish to attempt. Once you've clicked on the assignment and 'view assignment', you will see an option to add/share with a + symbol. Click this to either upload an already started document from the Google drive, or to begin a new document by clicking which type of document you wish to use (Docs, Slides or Sheets).


Please note that once 'submit' has been selected, the work can no longer be edited and students will need to 'unsubmit' in order to make any changes.


I can only offer feedback once submit has been selected, but can view children's work as soon as it is linked to the Classroom, using the steps shown above.



Thank you,

Mr Price

Learn Grow Achieve