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Themed Week and EARTH DAY

Themed Week: Appreciation and being thankful, celebrating those that look after us.


As a parent myself, I am looking to try and promote my children back into the learning structure of home schooling after a lovely Easter break. Below are some ideas of how this can be achieved, of course you don't have to do this, they are just suggestions, which I hope will be helpful.




I am planning to separate this into the morning and afternoon activity with my children. Don't worry about how long something takes, if they are enjoying something let them have all the time they need to explore it in detail. If they are not motivated with one activity, just try another, don't worry, there's plenty to have a go at.


Make sure you have breaks, being focused and working hard is tiring!



Share with your family the activities on offer and ask them for their thoughts, as independent learners they will be more motivated to achieve something if they have chosen it in the first place. 



Once you have something to share celebrate it with each others. There's nothing better than someone telling you "that looks amazing". Please share it on the google classroom for class mates and teachers to see also. Send a picture to Granny or Auntie Edith... they would love to see what you have been doing.


I am here if you need any guidance with any of the activities on offer, keep me posted on which activities you particularly enjoyed doing together, we would love to have your feedback on any successes. 


Best Wishes

Mrs Stiles





Mother Earth Day is an annual international day to celebrate our amazing Earth, and share the message of the importance of reducing climate change and protecting our Earth from human destruction.

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