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Day 3 Arete

Hi everyone, we have just returned from the park in the most amazing hailstorm, as we were walking the road just covered in white just like a winter snow scene. We all commented that we have never seen hail cover the road so quickly - quite a sight!

Anyway, back to the day's activities. Canoeing or gorge scrambling/beach whichever the groups didn't do yesterday. During canoeing we had a stop to set a fire going which we then cooked pancakes on followed by toasted marshmallows. Lots of rain today but spirits were kept high with singing from the wolverley girls - something about a penguin coming to tea!! The instructor enjoyed it so much he requested the lyrics so he can teach it to his daughter! 

Again we have been well looked after and well fed. Everyone happy and settling down for the night. Oh and last night - 10pm and all quiet did I say? - not a chance! 

See you all tomorrow, can't believe how quickly the time has gone.


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