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Sports Day - Friday 6th July

 Arrangements for Sports Day 

Our sports day is due to take place on Friday 6th July at Mill Lane, Wolverley.


Parents must bring the children to school as normal but in their Sports Day clothes then head to Mill Lane to help set up.


Children will need to come dressed in their house colour t-shirt (children have been told and a text has been sent to parents with a reminder of the colour needed), shorts, trainers, sun hat and lots of sun cream. 


Gazebos will be needed as the forecast at the moment is for sunny periods with a slight breeze. Could we ask if anyone has gazebos please may we borrow them for the day, we will be very grateful. The gazebos will need to be positioned between the two tracks to provide additional shade for pupils. 


A drinks station will be set up along with ice lollies available throughout the day. Please send your child with extra to drink, covered in sun cream and wearing a hat! 


Staff will be at Mill Lane from 9am with the children making their way down just before 10am ready to start the events just after 10am. We have made the decision for all events to take place on the same day however the timings will need to be altered to avoid children and staff remaining on Mill Lane when the temperature is forecast to be at its highest. 


Therefore the day will still be divided into two sections – the morning (10am – 11.30am) comprising of a rotation of activities that the year 6 pupils lead.


Lunch will now be from 11.30am until 12pm.


The afternoon will start just after 12pm and we will aim to finish by 1.30pm. We have assessed Mill Lane throughout the week and the events after lunch will take place towards the bottom of the field where it is very shady. 


Please remember children can depart from Mill Lane but only with parents once all activities have been completed. Each member of staff will have a registration and parents must sign their child out before leaving the grounds. I will be on the gate to assist. If your child attends activity club they will return to school with staff.


There will be no Street Dance after school.


If we need to make  any changes we will inform all parents straight away. 

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