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School updates for Wednesday 13th December

School Update:


Thank you for your cooperation over the past few days. By following the forecasts we have been able to plan ahead to prevent any unnecessary confusion. 


Now for the tricky bit!


The forecast today started with -12 temperatures but will increase with a good chance of rain later and into the evening. 


This in theory should make road and pathway conditions better. 


We are proposing that school will open on Wednesday but some adjustments just in case the school site and journeys into school are still effected. 


School will be open from 10am for pupils and will close at 3pm


This will give us additional time to fully assess the school site following the change in forecast and allow extra time for staff and pupil journeys into school. 


We will not be sure what we will all face tomorrow morning until it arrives. A text at 7.30am will be issued with any changes.


When you wake and your journey still presents you challenges then please do not attempt it. 


If you need to make childcare arrangements today  for tomorrow in the event we do close then please go ahead. 


Attendance records will not be effected this week due to our enforced closures and childcare that may need to be arranged. 


Additional changes

There will be no activity club after school.  


The school that caters for school meals has been closed since Friday.  


We need to ensure for those children who are able to get to school have a lunch. 

At this time I can not guarantee this would be the Christmas lunch therefore I ask for all parents to provide packed lunch on Wednesday. We will also ensure there is food on site just in case you are not able to send in a packed lunch. 


As with all events that should of taken place this week my focus Wednesday will be communicating with others to establish what happens next and when. 


So far... 


The pantomime has been rebooked for Wednesday 10th January


Christmas lunch will take place on Thursday 14th December


The Key Stage 2 Carol concert on Thursday 14th December in church will be confirmed on Thursday. As the event takes place in the evening we need to ensure conditions by then are safe. 


Christmas parties with a special visitor will go ahead on Friday 15th December


Still to confirm...


New date and time for the Key Stage 1 Christmas Play. 


New date and time for Singing at Nightingales. 


Please bear with me. It will take me a little time to confirm arrangements for decisions that include other people outside of our school. Just as we have been impacted by school closures so have many others. 


We may not have started the week in the way we wanted but we will end it how we planned. 

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