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School Update No.2

School Update! 


Pathways outside school still pose a serious threat. Compacted ice has made the conditions very slippy. Please take care when collecting children later today.


The majority of our staff were able to get into school this morning so we will be here if you need us! 


Please take care!!!


Key Stage 1 Christmas Performance 

Due to WCESS currently not open we have been unable to rearrange our performance this side of Christmas. Once we can confirm a new date for January we will inform all parents. 


Key Stage 2 Carol Concert

A decision as to whether this still goes ahead tomorrow evening will be made tomorrow. We hope the surrounding snowy and icy pathways to and around the church improve significantly. As this is an evening performance we must assess if the area is safe to park and access at night. 


Christmas Lunch

We will go ahead with Christmas lunch for those pupils able to get to school tomorrow. If your child has paid for a lunch but is absent tomorrow they will be given a full refund. 


Early Bird and Activity Club

Please contact the staff at the nursery for further details.


Registration tomorrow

School will be open from 9am tomorrow but registrations will not close until 10am. This extended and staggered start will hopefully help those driving to us as parking is very limited until the snow clears.


Again please be mindful of the condition of the untreated pathways. If you make the journey in take care and allow for extra time. 

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