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School Association Minutes

Wolverley Sebright VA Primary School –

School Association Meeting                                             

Wednesday 13th January 2016, 9.00am, Staff Room



Mrs Reeves-Walters, Sarah Hartridge, Sam Brown, Bec Harris

School Council - Poppy T, Finbarr, Chelsea, Bradley H


Dates for your diary

Friday 5th February – Valentines Disco

Thursday 24th March – Easter Service, Bake off, Tea and coffee after Easter Service plus egg tombola

Friday 22nd April – Bingo and chips (provisional date)

Wednesday 15th June – Bag2School collection

Saturday 2nd July – Bottle tombola at carnival

Thursday 21st July – Fun on the field


Valentines Disco

Decorations – School council to give each child a card heart to decorate – these will then be hung in the hall

Film – The Minions, Bradley Hook to provide

Extra plates and jugs are needed – trip to Ikea

Children have requested flapjacks and brownies for pudding

Heart biscuits to take home – Sam and Pam – to be confirmed

Mrs R-W has a hot plate if needed

Music – Martin Bennett is ok to do – New cable needed for laptop?? Mrs R-W to confirm

Tattoos – Mrs Cadwallader to do – has this been confirmed? Other helpers needed. Possibilities – Miss White, Rachel Stiles, Tracy Butterfield. Are any more tattoo supplies needed?

Sarah Hartridge to provide and wash potatoes. Sarah needs final numbers by Tuesday.

Potatoes and Sausages need to be cooked beforehand – any volunteers??

Help needed from 2pm to cut bread rolls, prepare plates, cups, squash etc. Classroom to be rearranged prior to 3pm.

Helpers confirmed – Sam, Bec, Nicky, Kirsty, Becky Bryant.

Ellen and Sarah confirmed as unable to help



Church service to be held from 1pm – 2pm

Everyone will then be invited back to school for tea and cake (tea and cake to be priced rather than for donations) and an Easter egg tombola.

Children to do bake off, bonnet and egg decorating competition at school.


Bingo and Chips

Propose to hold event on Friday 22nd April 6.30pm – 8pm

Need bigger venue to hold the event – potentially Wolverley Secondary School

Bingo machine – Bingo is held at Wolverley Social Club – could see what they use and if we can borrow it.

Mrs R-W has volunteered to be bingo caller

Needs to be prize bingo – adults prizes and childrens prizes. Prize for 1 line and full house.

Proposed pricing 50p a book. Chips to be sold at cost.



Next collection booked for Wednesday 15th June. The bags will be sent to school – these then need to be sent out to parents with a letter. The bags will need to be taken to the collection point (by the back gate) on collection day.


Bottle Tombola

Bottle tombola to be held at Wolverley Carnival. Parents to set up the stall. Staff to man during procession. Rota to be drawn up for the rest of the afternoon.


Fun on the Field

Flip the Clown

The Lock (catering) Bec to meet Andy to discuss requirements

Sweets, drinks and ice creams (School Association)

Has anyone got a small freezer we could borrow for the night to put ice creams in? We have a generator to run it. Drinks and sweets will be purchased from Makro. This should all keep the cost down for parents.

Raffle – Nicky Hawken has already been nominated to sell tickets following her stellar performance last year!!

Raffle prizes needed.



Mrs R-W has requested a shelter on the field for use in the (hopefully) sunny weather. Although this will cost a large amount of money it will be well used and provide much needed shelter. If anyone has any objections to this please speak up. It’s hoped to get it done March/April time and have a grand opening at fun on the field so everyone can see what their money has been used for.

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