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Reports 2016

Reports 2016


This year there is a new reporting format, which has been redesigned to reflect the new curriculum being taught and the new reporting requirements, where your child is assessed as either meeting curriculum expectations for their age or working towards curriculum expectations for their age.


To help you make sense of the changes please refer to the codes below:


What does E/D/S mean?

In each year group pupils could be Emerging (E) Developing (D) or Secure (S). This refers to the amount of objectives they have achieved. 

E = 33% objectives achieved

D = 34% - 66% objectives achieved

S = 67% - 100% objectives achieved


Example:  Y4S  means 'Year 4 Secure' 


What does Progress mean?

Depending on your child's starting and end point will depend on the amount of progress they have made. 


A = Outstanding and Well above Expected

B = Very Good and above expected

C = Expected

D = Slightly below expected

E = Well below expected


What does Effort mean?

Depending on your child's approach to learning and involvement will depend on the effort score.


1= Outstanding and well above expected

2= Very Good and above expected

3= Expected

4 = Slightly below expected

5 = Well below expected


What does # mean?

# provides more detail relating to your child's attainment and depth of learning. For example a child may be secure at the end of year but have a #3 which shows they are above the expected standard. 


#1 - below expected standard

#2 - at standard

#3 - above expected standard

#4 - well above the expected standard



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