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Key Stage 1 Christmas Play

Final Arrangements


On Monday 11th December the children of Robins and Squirrels will perform their Christmas Play at Wolverley Secondary School (WCESS) in the main hall at 1.30pm.

It will be truly magical but to ensure the day runs smoothly we have provided you with an overview below.

If you have any further questions that we may not have covered please see a member of staff who will be glad to help.


At the start of the day...

We are extremely fortunate that WCESS have confirmed that our children can be dropped off at the secondary school from 9.00am on Monday 11th December.

The secondary school have kindly said that Parents can drive into the coach drop off area (which is clearly signposted) and then you will be able to walk your child over to main hall (again this is clearly signposted)

Staff will be waiting and will be clearly visible to assist with this transition.


If your child attends Early Bird morning club then we will ensure they are safely transported to the secondary school. Please contact the main office if this will apply to your child.


To help with dropping off with any younger or older siblings at the Primary School the main door into our school will be open from 8.30am. I will be happy to take the children into school early to allow you the time to get to the secondary school for 9am.


During the Morning

As all pupils from Robins and Squirrels will be at the secondary school from 9am they will be able to practice key parts on the larger stage straight away.

At 10.30am pupils in our school will head to the secondary school to watch the full dress rehearsal.


If there is an issue with any family members not able to see the afternoon performance there is the opportunity to join us for the dress rehearsal. Again, please contact the school main office to confirm with Mrs Hackett as we will need to notify the secondary school of any additional visitors by name.




Arrangements have been made for all the children to have their picnic lunch in the secondary school main hall. Once finished they will start to prepare for the afternoon performance. Please send in with your child plenty to drink and snacks to keep them going.


Performance guidance

As it is a normal school day for the Secondary School with pupils in lessons we must insist that parents/ family members do not arrive at the secondary school before 1.15pm.

You will be unable to enter the building and the surrounding grounds will have pupils on their lunch break.

For safeguarding reasons we ask that you do not arrive before this time and only park in the designated areas on the school site.

This is a condition of us being able to use the secondary school facilities.


Tickets and Seats

Due to fire regulations and available seating there is a restriction on the amount of initial tickets for the performance.

To start with we have attached 4 tickets per child to assist with keeping within the amount of people allowed in the hall.

We do fully understand reasons for additional requests and will try to assist if possible. If you know that you will not require all 4 tickets please return these to our school office. This will assist with allocating additional places and will inform the site team at WCESS when setting out the seats. At present there have been a couple of requests and a list is in our main office.

Please be aware that people with the original 4 tickets issued should be seated first, if you are granted additional tickets please be mindful that these places may/will need to stand behind the seats set out.

Staff will be on the main door to assist with seating.


During the performance

Photographs and films

Each year we ask all audience members to follow our media policy. This means that any photographs and film taken during the performance should be for personal use only and we recommend that it is not uploaded to any social media forums.

Please respect that due to safeguarding guidance this request is adhered to.

If it is reported that photographs clearly identifying pupils, without parental consent, are posted online the school will have no choice but to enforce a future ban.


Younger children

Please may we ask that any younger children attending the performance use the lobby outside the main hall if they become upset.

The children will be using microphones but for some audience members it may hinder their enjoyment if they are unable to hear their child on stage.



The performance is just under an hour in length but if you require the toilet during the performance staff will be on hand to guide you to the nearest toilet. Again this is a condition of using the secondary school whilst their students are in lessons.


After the performance

Once the play has come to a close we will swiftly help you collect your child from the main hall.

The children will have all their belongings with them and will remain in their costumes to reduce the time you will need to wait after the performance.

We have until 3pm to fully exit the main hall and parking area before the students of the secondary school finish for the day and coaches arrive in the parking area.


If your child is to return to school as they will be attending Activity Club, please inform Mrs Hackett at the school office. A list of names will be issued to staff who will safely transport the children back to school.


Meanwhile, Staff back at our school will ensure any siblings are kept in class until you arrive to collect. Please do not worry all staff will be made aware of any delays and are there to help you.


Thank you for your support and apologies for the long list of do’s and don’ts. This is mainly due to guidance from WCESS in order to keep everyone safe.

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