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In the Loop! 7th May 2021

In the Loop! 

Friday 7th May 


COVID-19 Update for Schools 

The Public Health team have reminded headteachers that the national guidance has not changed in relation to:

• bubble separation
• social distancing
• self-isolating with symptoms and as a close contact
• PCR testing for COVID-19 symptoms
• hand/respiratory hygiene


There has been no change in guidance to schools and therefore we should make sure that bubbles continue to have their lessons within their zoned classrooms to avoid bubble mixing between lessons.


It is crucially important that we all remain vigilant and continue to apply the controls that schools have been managing so well over the year.


Although cases are currently low in Worcestershire, rates are greatest in the 12-17 age group. In-school control measures are an important public health measure alongside reminding of pupils the importance of maintaining social distancing when out of school/home, hand hygiene plus recognising
symptoms (however mild) and arranging a PCR test. We have been advised by maintaining the controls in place, schools will contribute to tackling and preventing predicted case rate rises and the wider impact of a third wave.



Car Parking 

Parking by most schools can present with problems, we have had minor issues in the past but I thank our families for always supporting the school in showing respect to our neighbours. 


However, it has been observed that there has been an increase in families that park on the Franche Road and Mill Lane instead of Wolverley Memorial Car Park. We would urge families that drive to school to use this area instead and avoid where possible parking in areas that impact on residents and on other traffic. Our staggered start and end of the school day should ease the volume but I always welcome any further suggestions in regards to parking by the school. 


Reporting to Parents 

Staff continue to assess and plan a curriculum for the individual needs of our pupils. The children are very settled in class and engage well during lessons. We continue to work on building stamina and skills such as focus and attention for longer periods but our pupils have adapted well during and after every phase in the last 12 months. 


Our families are always informed by staff on what happens in school with updates shared on a regularly basis via seesaw, through email or by our class pages on the website. We also celebrate each week via our social media platforms.  

In addition to this we would like to share and celebrate individual achievements with you as we did during the autumn term. A great deal has taken place and we are aware that now is a good time to refresh and refocus.


Our remote parent conversations will take place soon (details will be sent out separately) and appointments will be organised to best suit all. Staff will provide an update on where your child is and what the focus for the next stage of learning will be. The opportunity to talk through how we achieve this will be as before, remotely, with the option of either a phone call or an online video link. We will reflect on what worked well before and make any changes that will support this method. 


At the end of the school year staff will issue an End of Year report which will reflect on all aspects of the curriculum with a focus on transition links. 




Our Year 6 pupils will begin to develop and build links with their new schools starting next week for pupils that will move to Wolverley Secondary School. The opportunity to attend their summer school has been shared with parents and we would recommend that the children who will attend this school take up this offer. It will make a big difference!


The rest of the children in school will begin transition sessions after the Whitsun break. Getting the balance right is really important. Start too soon and the children can become unsettled - start too late can children start to wobble about the unknown. What we will focus on is getting it just right. 

We will make sure our children spend time with staff and have the opportunities to experience what the next year will hold. 



Supportive Links for pupils and parents

Please check the resources which are available that support emotional health and wellbeing.






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