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IMPORTANT - School Reopening tomorrow Friday 10th September 2021

Major incident: fire in Park Street, Kidderminster


This situation is now under control and all schools and education settings are now able to plan to re-open. We will reopen our School tomorrow Friday 10th September


The latest advice from Public Health England is as follows:


Opening windows and doors

Public Health England (PHE) are advising residents in Kidderminster outside of the cordon (there are no schools or education settings in the cordon) of the fire that it is safe to open their windows and doors for ventilation if required.


All schools and settings are advised that they can now open doors and windows to increase ventilation according to their COVID-19 risk assessment.


People with respiratory and heart conditions are reminded, as a precaution, to keep their medication to hand when going about their daily business.  


Cleaning up any areas affected by the fire

Although toxins or contaminates from plastics should have been eliminated as they burnt, PHE have cautioned that any particles, ash and soot included, can possibly be an irritant. Therefore, precautions should still be taken when dealing with soot and debris.

Advice from PHE’s advice is to:

·Remove small areas of fine debris/soot wearing rubber gloves, wiping the surface first with a dry cloth. A damp cloth can then be used to remove any remaining remnants. The waste, including gloves, should then be bagged and binned in the normal way. Hands should be washed with soap and water.


·Care should be taken when clearing large and sharp debris. Wear rubber gloves and bag and bin the waste as above.


·Soot can be safely washed off vehicles and outdoor furniture by using a fine water spray.


·Fruits and vegetables grown in the garden should be washed and peeled before they are consumed. 


PHE (Public Health England) would not expect there to be a significant risk from short-term contact with soot in gardens.

Again we apologise for any inconvenience caused by the closure of our school today. We look forward to welcoming you back tomorrow.  


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