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Important message from Police re Covid measures being breached

Dear Parents and Carers


We have had a few reports of people gathering on Wolverley Memorial park after school (parents stood talking to each other and not observing the 2 meter social distancing rule). I wondered would you be able to put a reminder to parents of the new Lockdown Covid rules please. Once they have picked up their children they should make their way home as a family unit, and not stay to chat to others. We have officers patrolling these areas and I would hate for a parent to receive a fine

A gathering takes place when two or more persons are present together in the same place in order: to engage in any form of social interaction with each other, or to undertake any other activity with each other

No person may participate in a gathering which:
takes place in a public outdoor place and consists of more than two people, or
takes place in any other outdoor place including outdoor parts of a private dwelling eg, gardens and consists of two or more people

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