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Frank Chapman Centre - Day 2

Day 2: "Well we woke to the sun shining again. With many of us beating Mr McDonnell to the shower block to get ready (Freddie would like his mum to know he has washed his hair 3 times already!)


Breakfast arrived and we gathered together to go through the day ahead. With suntan lotion covering all the bits that matter we divided into three groups for our first activity.


Miss Bidnell, Mr McDonnell and Mrs Brown with a group each took part in either mountain biking, archery or high ropes.

Mr McDonnell claims that he climbed the highest - between you and I it was Jack Hudson who got him there.


The Frank Chapman Centre (or as we like to call it the FCC) is magically. Some of us found riding a bike a bit scary before we came now we can ride better than Mr McDonnell. Some of us found heights scary but now we can climb better than Mr McDonnell. Some of us thought archery was difficult but now we aim better than... you get the picture. 


The new queen of archery is Miss Bidnell - who even beat the instructors. Mr McDonnell is very nervous as he's not doing so well so far. The pressure is on! 


Mrs Stiles and Mrs Reeves-Walters arrived after school and just in time for tea. The chocolate cake and warm chocolate sauce was amazing. 


We then had a choice before we headed into the woods for a walk do we practice for the talent show, take part in a sports game or play with the games in camp?


Our walk took us to the magic tree where you can make a wish. All wishes are secret but let's see if they come true! 


The talent show was such a treat as we drank our hot chocolate under the clear sky (just before the rain clouds arrived). Alice and Ruby performed a routine, Gracie sang, Lottie and Freddie danced, Ossie D and Dan H performed a comedy sketch and Lily, Lacey and Carys sang. 


Then it was time for bed... and for the rain to start. 


Last day tomorrow. Miss Bidnell has said once we've had breakfast we will take part in our last activity before lunch, pack then we will head home. We should arrive back at The Memorial Hall car park for 2pm. Some of us will go straight home some of us will help Mr McDonnell carry his luggage back over to school. Is it normal to use so much hair product and fake tan?


Anyway, missing you all - see you soon"


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