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Break the Rules Day - Friday 20th November

Dare to be Different / Break the Rules - Guidance


On Friday 20th November our PTA are running a fundraising event titled 'Break the Rules'. We must make it clear all COVID rules will be followed and will be included in this event. 


What can the children do??? (some examples)

  • Wear non-school uniform
  • Have their hair messy, coloured and/or how they would not normally have it
  • They may wear odd socks
  • They may wear nail vanish
  • They may wear a hat indoors
  • They may sneak an unhealthy snack in for breaktime


Remember we are looking for the most creative and imaginative idea - prizes for those who do! 


What can't the children do??

  • Break any COVID rules
  • Break any Good to be Green rules
  • Be unkind to others
  • Not follow the class teachers rules


Normal lessons and timetables will be followed by all classes 


Any questions please let us know



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