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Another week on Planet Wolverley

Another week... (15.6.18) 


New Parents

Welcome to our new parents that joined us last night for the 'New Reception Parents' evening. We can not wait for our new Hedgehogs to join us for transition visits starting on 18th June.

Lots of information was shared during the evening with Information packs given out. If you were unable to attend your Child's Book Bag and Welcome Pack are in the main office for collection. 


Body Confidence 

We were very fortunate to be granted a visit from Sophie yesterday who spoke with the girls in Years 4-6 about Body Confidence. The feedback has been really positive to this workshop which we are thrilled about. Thank you Sophie - we will all be writing letters to ourselves reminding us that we are beautiful and amazing - please come again! 



YEAH! We have a lorry (thank you Mr Mason) and plans are underway for the Nursery Rhyme theme.

Children can come dressed as their favourite nursery rhyme character on the day - the lorry will collect the children from the Sebright Green at 12pm on Saturday 7th July. 

Thank you for your kind donations - we will use everything to help make the float look amazing!



Following really good feedback we have redesigned the reports that will be sent out to parents of pupils in Years 1 -6.

Parents will receive two booklets. The first one will cover whether your child is 'Working towards', 'Expected' or 'Exceeding' in each curriculum area. There will also be a grade for attitude in each subject and targets for reading, writing and maths. 

The second booklet will cover and celebrate what the children have covered this year.

The final page will be from the child's new teacher which will include an introduction to their new class and what they will be covering from September. We call this 'Flip Learning'  which means your child can prepare themselves before September; whether that is research in a particular area or becoming familiar with texts that will be covered during the autumn term. 


Parents Evening will also provide an opportunity to talk through all aspects with all staff available on both evenings. 


We hope all information shared provides you with an overall and comprehension view of your child's strengths and achievements. 







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